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While it is true that nearly everyone in Sweden speaks English, it is also true that nothing immerses you in a culture better than living and learning the language.

Sweden consistently ranks at the top among countries with the world's best non-native English speakers, although the ranking varies from year to year. This means that it is extremely easy to get around in Stockholm as an international student, as virtually everyone speaks English.

Two happy students in a classroom.
Photo: Henrik Berglund/Familjen

Consequently, it is not uncommon to encounter foreigners who have spent many years in Sweden without acquiring the local language. However, despite the convenience of getting by in English, the benefits of embracing the local language far outweigh the challenges. And not only because it would be enjoyable to learn some Swedish to order your own fika.

If you learn Swedish, it becomes easier to really get to know the Swedish people, to learn about the culture and to understand what is happening around you.

Vendela Blomström, teacher of Swedish to international students

Learning the language will also help you connect with more people in Sweden and immerse yourself in Swedish culture. And if you’re planning to launch a career here after your studies, Swedish language skills are bound to improve your CV.


Language Cafes

At Språkstudion's Language Cafes, participants practise their language skills and cultural awareness by talking to language supporters and other learners over a cup of coffee or tea. The cafes are led by coordinators – native-level student volunteers who help keep conversations going. Participating in the Language Cafe could be an easy way to practise your Swedish, and get to know more people. 

Language Cafe – informal opportunities to learn (or teach) many different languages



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