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Like everywhere else, the cost of living in Stockholm will highly depend on your individual life style and habits. Here you can find more information about an average student budget and the minimum living expense requirement for a residence permit for studies. 

Students in Stockholm should budget for at least 11,214 SEK per month to cover all of their living costs. Your monthly rent for accommodation will take the most of your budget. How much you pay for rent depends on the location, size, and type of housing. Below you can find a breakdown of how a monthly budget may look.

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Food: 2,700 SEK
Accommodation: 5,500 SEK
Local travel: 650 SEK
Phone/internet: 400 SEK
Miscellaneous: 1,964 SEK

Total: 11,214 SEK


For students who need to apply for a residence permit for studies at the Swedish Migration Agency, the living expense requirement is at least SEK 10,314 per month.

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As a member of the Stockholm University Student Union, you can get a discounts on public transportation, coffee or tea at restaurants on campus, as well as discounts in hundreds of stores and the like around the country.

Benefits for Student Union members

Students from EU/EEA countries and students from other countries who hold a valid residence permit for studies are allowed to work alongside their studies. Note, however, that it may be difficult to find a part time job in Sweden if you do not speak Swedish.


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