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Online teaching until 30 August

The University plans to make a partial return to campus-based teaching from 31 August 2020, provided the authorities' recommendations and rules allow for this change. Detailed planning for the autumn term will be carried out by departments. A decision will be communicated to students via the department's website as soon as possible, and no later than 15 July.

The University plans to make a partial return to campus-based teaching in the University’s premises from 31 August 2020, with some restrictions. Plans allow for a combination of online teaching and campus-based teaching, hopefully with an increase in campus-based teaching later in the academic year. Consideration must be taken to the time it takes to make changes in teaching routines. For example, courses that start as web-based studies may need to be completed in the same way, and a digital exam may be followed by a digital re-examination, even though campus-based teaching and examination during the course may have been made possible, according to the recommendations of the authorities. In some cases, it may be justified in planning for online education during the first part of the autumn semester, for example, in cases where it is too recourse intensive to plan for both online and campus-based alternatives. If you, as a student or prospective student, have questions about the autumn semester, contact your department.