Conferment of Master’s Degrees

The Conferment of Master’s Degrees takes place in Aula Magna, generally the last Friday in May and November. Invitations are sent to those who have applied for a Master’s degree or equivalent on an advanced level.

The diploma, which is given to those present at the ceremony, is a souvenir of the time at Stockholm University and the ceremony. It should not be confused with the degree certificate, the actual proof of qualification, which is sent by mail earlier from the Degree Office.

Conferment of Doctoral Degrees

If you have defended your doctoral thesis and applied for your doctoral degree before 30 June you will receive an invitation to the Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Stockholm City Hall. The festivities are generally held on the last Friday in September.
It is a solemn occasion where Doctors of Law will receive a doctoral hat and new doctors from another faculty will receive a laurel wreath. All new doctors will also receive a diploma, which is a  memento of the ceremony.