Stockholm University ranks first in Sweden

Out of all Nordic universities, Stockholm University ranks first in Sweden, and second among the Nordic universities after the University of Copenhagen (ranked 51 overall) and followed by the University of Helsinki (70), the Technical University of Denmark (76), and Lund University (78).

The California Institute of Technology takes the first place of the worldwide ranking, followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the University of Cambridge and Stanford University, which form the top five. Overall, the top ten list includes nine American universities, one British, one German, and one Japanese university.

150 best universities for delivering work-ready graduates

The Global University Employability Ranking, which ranks the 150 best universities for delivering work-ready graduates, is based on survey results of 3,450 CEOs in international companies, which most of them had work experience of at least 10 years. The responders indicated that qualities like experience, specialization, and multilingualism define the eligibility of a candidate, but also soft skills are appreciated. Most employers agree that the candidates’ employability is not only dependent on the reputation of the institution they graduated from, but also on their achieved job-related skills. However, when recruiters have to choose from a large number of applicants, graduates from prestigious universities tend to get preference.

More information

The survey has been carried out over the past six years and is published by the Times Higher Education (THE).

The Copenhagen Post published an article about the ranking.