Student covering part of her face behind her hand

Psychosocial consultation

Together we take a look at your current situation, needs and how the Student Health Services can help you. It may be a single consultation or a shorter series of appointments.

You may contact the councellor regarding various life troubles, related to study or not. Perhaps you are worried about your alcohol or drug use, or you might need guidance about your social rights and support.


Summer closure is coming up and all appointments with counsellor are now fully booked. Welcome to contact us for consultation by phone during telephone hours. Telephone hour is open until May 23.

Telephone number: 08-674 77 00
Telephone hour: Thursday 10.45 - 11.45

Apart from one-to-one counselling, workshops, groups and courses are available on occasion.

Please note that the form below can not be used to book an appointment as patient data has to be handled with confidentiality. Welcome to contact us by phone!