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Public healthcare

Important information about healthcare in Sweden

If you plan to study for more than a year in Sweden, you can apply for a Swedish social security number, regardless of citizenship. Read more about health insurance and medical care in Sweden.

  • For students with a Swedish social security number and/or the European Health Insurance Card, the fee for medical care in public healthcare is 200 - 400 SEK. The high-cost protection for non-institutional healthcare ensures that the maximum fee per year is 1100 SEK.
  • For students without the Swedish social security number or the European Health Insurance Card: You may have to pay the entire cost. Remember to keep all original receipts in order to make an insurance claim.

General practitioners/Health centres

Information about where to turn to for healthcare is given by the Stockholm City Council. A first appointment with a doctor is easily available at the Local Health Centre (husläkarmottagning/ vårdcentral). You are free to make your choice among the health centres.

Some centres offer the services of psychologists, counsellors or dietitians.

Sexual health check-ups

Sesam City offers sampling of suspected STI and treatment. There is a walk-in reception if you have no symptoms but are in need of testing. Contraception advice is also provided. Dial 08-22 75 30, press 1 for walk-in reception, press 2 to make an appointment. Sampling, care and treatment are subject to the Communicable Disease Control and therefore free of charge for everyone.

Healthcare around the clock

Medical consultation with nurse and information about Swedish healthcare: Dial 1177

Crisis consultant

The helpline for psychological support is available daily 13 - 22, dial 0771-22 00 60. No charge.

Emergency ward at hospital

The emergency wards (Akutmottagningen) only takes serious cases such as urgent heart problems, breathing problems and acute stomach pain.

  • In emergency: Dial 112
  • Psychiatric emergency ward: Dial 08-1234 92 00

24 hours daily.

Dental emergency ward

Public health dentists on emergency duty are found at Folktandvården, Fleminggatan 48, metro Fridhemsplan (green line). The cost for dental care is not included in the high-cost protection of public healthcare.