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In case you get ill

Below, you can find information about where to turn in case you get sick or injured.


Please note that Stockholm Student Health Services only offers appointments by telephone and no physical visits until further notice.

If you have questions regarding the coronavirus, please contact the health service on

For information concerning the universities and institutions that Stockholm Student Health Services collaborates with, please see the relevant university's/institution's own website.

For students without a Swedish personal identity number: 
Do you wish to get in contact with the closest health care clinic (Vårdcentral) for a PCR or a serological test? Use this link that leads directly to the corresponding search page on Your closest health care clinic can be found by using the map function on the page. In case of emergency always call 112.

Healthcare 24/7

Medical advice via telephone: call 1177

You will speak with a nurse, who will give you advice and help you locate healthcare facilities if needed.

1177 Healthcare in Stockholm

Healthcare clinic - ”vårdcentral”

The nearby Healthcare clinic is where you usually turn to for treatment when ill.

Crisis consultant

The helpline for psychological support is available daily 13.00 – 22.00, dial 0771-22 00 60.

Sexual health check-ups

Sesam City offers testing of suspected STIs and treatment:

Sesam City

In case of emergency

Emergency rooms at hospitals only treat serious illnesses and injuries, such as urgent heart problems, breathing problems and head injuries.

In case of emergency: call 112. In case of a psychiatric emergency: +468-123 492 00 (open 24/7).


All students at Swedish universities and university colleges are covered by a personal injury insurance, which covers you while on campus and on your way to and from campus. The insurance is free and you are covered automatically.

Personal injury insurance

International exchange students are also covered by an extra insurance “student-IN”:

Insurance exchange students

If you get sick and have student finance via CSN, you have to submit an illness report to Försäkringskassan. Doing so, you can keep your student finance and CSN can take any illness into consideration when the results of your education are verified.


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