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Stockholm Student Health Services

Stockholm Student Health Services offers students at Stockholm University, and a number of associated colleges in Stockholm, support during their study time.

Any health-related problem can be discussed.  

Important information about the Student Health Services and the Coronavirus

Please note that Stockholm Student Health Services only offers appointments by telephone and no physical visits until further notice. To book an appointment, please use our online booking system below.

If you have questions regarding the coronavirus, please contact the health service on

For information concerning the universities and institutions that Stockholm Student Health Services collaborates with, please see the relevant university's/institution's own website.

For students without a Swedish personal identity number: 
Do you wish to get in contact with the closest health care clinic (Vårdcentral) for a PCR or a serological test? Use this link that leads directly to the corresponding search page on Your closest health care clinic can be found by using the map function on the page. In case of emergency always call 112.

For whom?

Stockholm University students, as well as students from a few other universities, are welcome to contact Stockholm Student Health Services.
The Stockholm Student Health Services provides nurse and counselor services. Please see below how to book an appointment. All visits are free of charge. In case you lack a Swedish personal identity number and wish to make an appointment, please contact us at, so we can help you.

To be in good physical health makes it easier for you to succeed with your studies. The nurses at the Stockholm Student Health Services can offer you support and guidance regarding your health.

Common questions from students are of physical symptoms, stress or sleep issues. Additionally, international students may want to learn more about the Swedish healthcare system. Also note that all personal information communicated to the nurses will remain confidential.

Health consultation

The nurse will look through different aspects of your lifestyle and how they are connected to your general health. During your 45-minute appointment, you will find strategies on how to improve your well-being together with the nurse. 
To book an appointment for health consultation please use our online booking system. Please note that it is important that you enter your mobile phone number when making an online booking so that we can reach you if needed.

Go to online booking system

If you want to reach a nurse in any other matter, you can call the nurse's office at +468-674 77 05 or +468-674 76 92. 

All questions are welcome, but should you need treatment due to illness or injury, call 1177 for advice (available 24/7). In case of emergency, dial 112.

Other healthcare services

Stockholm county council provides healthcare services, such as emergency treatment, psychiatric care and sexual health counselling

A counselor can help you address personal or emotional issues which may have an impact on your life as a student.

If you need support

You are welcome to talk about any issues you may have, regardless if it is related to your studies or not. For example, you may need support with a long-standing problem or concern, or you may struggle finding proper support during your stay in Stockholm. You may also face more recent difficulties you have experienced since coming here to study – perhaps you are struggling to form relationships or to cope with academic expectations.

Booking an appointment for counselling

Whatever your situation as an international student in Stockholm, you are welcome to book an appointment with one of our counselors. To book an appointment, please use our online booking system below. If you see the message: Inga lediga tider tillgängliga för valda sökalternativ, it means that there are currently no available time slots to book. We announce new bookable appointment slots on Fridays after 12:00. Please return to check the online booking system then. All appointments are free of charge. Please note, it is important that you enter your phone number when making an online booking, so that we can call you at the time you have booked.

Go to online booking system

We also offer guidance and consulting over the phone.


Contact hours: Thursdays 10.00–11.00
Telephone: +468 - 674 77 00

The Stockholm Student Health Service complements the public healthcare available to residents in Sweden. You will meet professionals working with medical and psychological consultation. With us, you can discuss any health-related problem you may have.

The Stockholm Student Health Services is part of the student services offered by Stockholm University. Apart from offering services to students of Stockholm University, the following institutions may also benefit:

Within the Swedish healthcare system, confidentiality and patients' integrity are considered as very important.

Confidentiality of healthcare professionals

Within the Swedish healthcare system, all healthcare employees and professionals are bound by professional secrecy. No information can be released or shared without the patient's consent. This applies to the person's personal information, condition or treatment.

The professional secrecy obligation is regulated by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act.

Personal data

Your personal data (name, date of birth or social security number, address and telephone number) will be registered at the Stockholm Student Health Services. An electronic medical record will be kept, where notes about your visits at the clinic will be saved, containing background information of your symptoms as well as actions taken. No one outside the Stockholm Student Health Services is granted access to this information.

Patients' integrity

Issues concerning patients' integrity are considered as very important within Swedish healthcare. There are laws regulating authorisation to patient data. Generally, only healthcare professionals who treat the same patient are permitted to share information regarding the patient's condition or personal situation.


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