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Study environment

The work and study environment are important issues at Stockholm University, not least for students. They cover places to study, modes of teaching, and even unwritten rules of behaviour, among many other issues.

Here you can read about the study environment ombudsman and how the university creates and supports a good work environment.


Study environment ombudsman

The ombudsman represents students in study environment issues. Their most important role is to catch problems early and work together with the student union and the departments to ensure that students have a good physical and psychosocial study environment.

You yourself can become a study environment ombudsman by being elected by the student council at your department. If you have questions about the ombudsman’s role you can contact your student council, or Stockholm University Student Union’s (SUS) PhD Student and Student Ombud.

Contact SUS


Work environment at the university

The university’s work environment policy says that the university should continuously strive to improve the physical and psychosocial environment for everyone. You can read about the specifics here:

Work environment and health – governing documents

The dean at each department has the ultimate responsibility for issues surrounding study and workplace environments.



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