Greek word originating from the name of the garden near Athens (which was named after the mythical hero Akademos) where Plato taught.
Nowadays, this refers to:
a) an association of scientists, authors or artists
b) a place dedicated to the practice of, for example, science, art or sport
c) a synonym for university

Adjunct professor
A person holding a part-time position involving research and research supervision, recruited from a company or government agency where they have their primary employment.

A person who previously studied at a university.

A student working part-time at a university, for example as a teaching or administrative assistant.

Applied research
Research that is used for a specific purpose and focuses on practical solutions to problems. Cf. Basic research

Associate professor
Academic title awarded by the faculty to a person for his or her research and teaching expertise.

Basic research
Research that does not have a direct application and is not aimed at problem solving. Most of the research at Stockholm University is basic research. Cf. Applied research.

Case studies
A form of instruction that involves the study of a real case.

Commissioned research
Research commissioned by a government agency or company.

Conferment of doctoral degrees
A ceremony where doctoral students receive diplomas and laurel wreaths or doctoral caps to signify their new academic rank.

Coordinator for Equal Treatment of Students
Students who feel subjected to discrimination or harassment on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity or disability can turn to the University’s Coordinator for Equal Treatment of Students at Student Services for help. Read more about Equal Treatment of Students here.

The chair of the faculty board and the main academic representative of the faculty.

Degree certificate
A document proving that someone has fulfilled the requirements for a specific degree.

Degree of Bachelor
A bachelor’s degree is awarded upon completing courses worth a total of 180 higher education credits, including a bachelor’s thesis. Read more about Degrees

Degree of Doctor/PhD
A degree awarded upon completing examinations and an academic thesis in the context of doctoral studies.

Degree of Licentiate
A licentiate degree is an intermediate degree in the context of doctoral studies.

Degree of Master (One Year)
A master’s degree (one year) is awarded upon completing courses worth a total of 60 higher education credits, including a master’s thesis. Read more about Degrees

Degree of Master (Two Years)
A master’s degree (two years) is awarded upon completing courses worth a total of 120 higher education credits, including a master’s thesis. Read more about Degrees

Department Board
Management body of the department comprising the head of department and representatives of teachers, employees and students.

Work unit at the university with education and research in a single subject or a group of related subject areas. It is at the department that you conduct your studies. You can find links to all departments here:

Deputy dean
Deputy to the dean.

Director of studies
A teacher responsible for coordinating teaching at a department.

Disciplinary Board
The Disciplinary Board decides whether or not to warn and suspend a student who uses unauthorised aids during an examination or disrupts or interferes with teaching or the study environment. Read more about disciplinary matters in the Rules & Regulations.

Doctor jubilaris 
See Jubilee doctor.

A person who has completed a doctoral degree or holds a doctorate.

Doctoral student
A person enrolled in doctoral studies. Refers to a full-time, fixed-term position.

Doctoral studies
Studies that should provide the knowledge and skills required to be able to conduct independent research (see Doctoral student).

Doctoral thesis
Academic thesis that should be defended at a public seminar in order to obtain a doctoral degree.

Exam, oral or written test.

A teacher responsible for examinations (i.e., grading exams, essays, etc.). See Examination.

Exemption from, for example, having to meet the entry requirements for a course or a specific degree requirement.

External reviewer/peer reviewer
An external reviewer is a person appointed to review and criticise a doctoral thesis at a public defence seminar. Students act as peer reviewers of each other’s bachelor’s and master’s theses.

Faculty board
Management team of the faculty with the responsibility to plan and organise education and research within the faculty. Suitable people from outside the faculty may also be included.

Faculty clubs
Stockholm University’s equivalent of the student nations in Lund and Uppsala, but here, students are grouped by field of study, not by geographical origin.

Faculty office
Administrative unit that provides support and services to the faculty.

A division within a university comprising a number of related subject areas. Stockholm University has four faculties: the Faculty of Humanities, Law, Social Sciences and Science. The main representative of a faculty is the dean, who is assisted by the deputy dean.

Graduation ceremonies
A conferment of master’s degrees is organised to celebrate the completion of master’s degrees or equivalent. Read more about invitations and registration here: In addition, some departments and clubs organise their own graduation ceremonies.

Head of department
The manager of a department; responsible for the department’s operations, administration and finances.

Honorary doctor
(Doctor honoris causa.) Title awarded to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to research or otherwise benefited research at the university.

Inauguration of professors
Ceremony where new professors are appointed.

Interdisciplinary research
Research relating to more than one branch of knowledge.

Jubilee doctor
Jubilee doctor (doctor jubilaris) is a title awarded at a special ceremony to a person who has received a doctorate at a university 50 years earlier.

LADOK is the data system in which all your study results are registered. At, you can see all your results and create certifiable transcripts of records. All you need is a university account. To activate your university account, go to
The departments are responsible for registering study results in LADOK. As a student, you can also obtain a transcript from LADOK at your department or at Infocenter in Studenthuset, Universitetsvägen 2 B.

On the learning and collaboration platform, you can communicate with teachers and fellow students, download and submit assignments, find information about changes to the schedule, etc.

My University
Stockholm University’s common portal Here you can see your schedule, register for exams, see your grades and results, etc.

Postdoctoral research fellow/Research associate
Teacher who mainly conducts research.

Pro Vice-Chancellor
Deputy to the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

Professor emeritus/emerita
Title used for retired professors. The title was introduced in 1916.
Latin: one who has “served out one’s term”, “veteran”.
Pronounced eméritus, emérita. Plural: emériti
The term “emeritus” is sometimes also used in student-related contexts as a title of former elected officials within student unions and clubs.

A person holding the highest ranked teaching position. Professors are responsible for research and doctoral studies in their field of study, but are also involved in undergraduate education.

Public defence seminar/Public defence of doctoral thesis
Public discussion of an academic thesis (doctoral thesis), the final part of doctoral studies. The doctoral student (respondent) presents and defends his or her doctoral thesis and is questioned by an external reviewer.

Takes place before the start of each semester at the department where you will study. For more important information to learn before the semester starts, see

Research council
Government agency with the responsibility to initiate and support research in a particular subject area, as well as create research positions in order to establish research in new fields. The positions are placed at higher education institutions.

The person defending his or her doctoral thesis at a public defence seminar. In some cases, the term is also used when defending bachelor’s and master’s theses.

Re-take examination
A re-take examination (exam) can be taken if you have failed an examination. Re-take exams are usually scheduled soon before the start of the next semester. Cf. Examination.

Funding that can be applied for by students enrolled in undergraduate studies or admitted to doctoral studies. Information about scholarships.

A meeting for discussions of an academic topic or thesis; constitutes the most common form of instruction together with lectures, lessons and laboratory work.

Senior lecturer
Teacher with a doctoral degree and pedagogical expertise.

Student council
Contact the student governance officers at the Student Union for information about student councils. Find their contact details here:

Student union
Association for students where you can participate in an active student life as well as receive support in case of any problems. Read more about available unions here.

- assigned to each doctoral student during their doctoral studies.
- assigned to each student writing a bachelor’s or master’s thesis.

A type of academic conference.

The Bologna Declaration
In order to facilitate international comparisons of grades, courses and programmes, as well as increase mobility and employability across Europe, Stockholm University has adapted courses and programmes in accordance with the so-called Bologna Declaration.

A written academic presentation. Cf. Doctoral thesis.

Higher education institution with a faculty organisation.

The chief representative of the University; constitutes the Senior Management Team together with the Pro Vice-Chancellor and the Director of Administration.