Have you sent the following to Stockholm University?

  • Application form along with your selection of courses (exchange students only)
  • A copy of your academic transcript from your home university (exchange students only)
  • Down payment for housing if applicable

Have you arranged the following?

  • Residence permit for study in Sweden if applicable. Check Visa & Residence permit information to see which rules apply to you. Residence permits and visa information
  • Health insurance
  • Insurance for your personal belongings
  • A supply and description of any prescribed medication you are taking, along with a doctor’s note explaining any medical conditions that you may have

Have you considered your return flight arrangements?

  • If you are booking your return flight for the vacation period now, please bear in mind that there are no official holidays at Stockholm University during semester time and students on certain courses will be required to submit essays or sit exams throughout the whole semester. For this reason, we would advise you to check your department's website for essay/exam timetables before booking return flights. Alternatively you can contact the department directly, especially if this information is not yet available on their website.

Documents required for your journey
You should keep the following documents in your hand luggage so they are easily accessible as you may be asked to produce them by the Immigration authorities on your arrival in Sweden:

  • A valid passport (with a residence permit for study if applicable)
  • Letter of Acceptance from Stockholm University

Also remember to bring the following in your hand luggage

  • Enough Swedish currency for the journey and for your first two to three weeks in Sweden. Alternatively, all major credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard are accepted and widely used in Sweden.
  • Insurance documents (in case your luggage is lost)
  • Contact details for your department at Stockholm University