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Housing Office FAQ and contact

Here we list some of the most asked questions regarding the accommodation provided by Stockholm University.


Information regarding Autumn semester 2021

The official application period for student housing autumn semester 2021 for exchange students is between 18th and 24th of May. If you apply after 24th of May we will only offer you accommodation if we have already offered accommodation to all students that applied before 24th of May.

For other international students the application period will stay open from 18th of May and onwards, however housing is offered based on when you completed the application.

Exchange students do not need to send in any documents, as we recieve lists of incoming exchnage students from the departments at Stockholm University.

For other international students you need to email us your Acceptance letter from Stockholm University; Notification of Election Results. If you have recieved an accommodation offer for autumn semester 2021, please send in this document to at the latest by 2021-08-01. 


After accepting an accommodation offer the applicant is required to make the rent payments stated in the contract. If an applicant cancels the contract before the contract starting date, the applicant still needs to complete the first rent payment. However we have made two exceptions for autumn semester 2021 due to covid-19.

Please note that both these exceptions refers to contract cancellations before the contract starting date 21st of August. After the contract starting date the applicant needs to request a cancellation at least three full calendar months in advance.

1.  If the department you will visit at Stockholm University decides to have distance learning during autumn semester 2021, and your scholarship or study grant is withdrawn due to this, you will be able to cancel your accommodation and receive the first rental payment back. In such case, you will have to provide written proof confirming that your scholarship or study grant was withdrawn for this reason.

2. If you cannot get to Stockholm due to travel restrictions imposed by the Swedish government against your home country due to covid-19, you will be able to cancel your accommodation offer and receive the first rental payment back. 


All student accommodations are rented on a semester basis. This means that all accommodations for the autumn semester 2021 will be rented between 21st of August and 14th of January 2022. It is therefore not possible to rent accommodation for only one part of the semester.


Application process

If you are an exchange student on a university agreement, you will receive information via email on how to apply. Please also read apply for accommodation exchange students.
If you are not an exchange student on a university agreement, please see information on how to apply at apply for accommodation other international students.

The application period of the autumn semester opens on 18th of May and the application period for the spring semester opens on 18th of October. Please note that it is not possible to apply for accommodation before these dates.

All international students at Stockholm University are eligible to apply for accommodation from the Housing Office, however please note that there is a considerable housing shortage in Stockholm.  Therefore, during the autumn semester we generally can only offer accommodation to the prioritized groups, which are exchange students from partner universities and master students with a scholarship from Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme

The Housing Office at Stockholm University have a number of disability accessible accommodations. These accommodations are reserved for those in need of this. These accommodations are built and adjusted based on guidelines from the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning. This includes doors and bathrooms accessible for wheelchair. If you are in need for any extra adaptations in the accommodation due to disability, please contact for further assistance. 

Since we cannot offer housing to all that apply, we have compiled a list of advice on how to find housing on the private market
We are happy to answer any questions regarding housing on the private market, however please note that we are unable to provide any legal advice.

You have most likely applied for accommodation before the application period has opened (18th of May for the spring semester and 18th of October for the autumn semester). If the problem should remain when the application period is open, please take a screenshot and email us at 

Please contact for further assistance regarding logging into your account.

Unfortunately you cannot do any updates in your application by yourself. Please send an email with the requested changes to and we will update your application accordingly.

Exchange students: If you have applied for accommodation before the deadline, you will receive an e-mail from the Housing Office stating whether you have received an accommodation offer in the first round or not.  This email will be sent before June 30 (for the autumn semester) or before November 30 (for the spring semester).

Other international students: For other international students accommodation is offered according to a waiting list after all exchange students have received an offer, so we cannot give you a specific date if and when you will receive such an offer.

You accept the accommodation offer by logging into your online accommodation account. By accepting the accommodation  offer on the website, you agree to comply with the conditions in the rent contract as well as the terms and conditions. The contract is signed with an electronic signature and you will hence not sign a rent contract in paper form. 

Please note that each student will only receive one accommodation offer, so if you reject the offer you will not receive any more accommodation offers from us. Please also note that it is difficult to find housing on the private market and fraud is unfortunately common, so we strongly recommend you to accept our offer.


Rent and payments

Heating, cold water, hot water, electricity and internet (not Wi-Fi) is included in the rent. Excessive use of electricity will be charged extra.

The rent is paid in two installments, and the first installment is to be paid in advance before your arrival. The due date of the first installment is specified in your rental contract.

The rent is paid on your online accommodation account, with your credit or debit card.

Then you will have to do a bank transfer instead. To retrieve bank details and further instructions, please email the housing office,


Contract regulations

It is only permitted to share your accommodation if you are renting a studio at Idun, however this must be approved by the Housing Office. Children is however not permitted in any of our student accommodations. 

You are allowed to have temporary guests staying in your room at some areas, please refer to your contract for information on regulations in your accommodation area.

No. Subletting of the accommodation is strictly forbidden at all accommodation areas, and can lead to termination of the contract. 

The student rent contracts have set starting and ending dates, however it is possible to terminate the contract with three calendar months advance notice.

It is also possible to extend the contract for a second semester and/or for the summer. Your rent contract will not be extended automatically, so you must make an extension request by logging into your online accommodation account. Please note that extension requests can only been done after you have moved in.

All students that are here longer than one academic year may only rent housing during their first academic year of studies, and accommodation can only be rented for a maximum of 2 semesters.

No, it is unfortunately not possible to change to another accommodation. If you have received an accommodation offer and reject that offer, you will not receive any more offers from the Housing Office. 


Arrival and departure

Your accommodation keys can be picked up at the earliest by the starting date of your contract. During the start of each semester we arrange arrival days and welcome activities together with the student services. Please refer to arrival information for an update on when and where keys can be picked up.  

Then you will be able to collect keys from Servicecenter at Campus Frescati during their opening hours. Please see updated information under arrival information.

No, it is unfortunately not possible to send luggage to Stockholm University or the accommodation before your arrival. For more information regarding post and packages, please read general information for tenants.  

We have gathered all information that you need, such as information on cleaning, inspections and key return in our departure informtion

You are not permitted to leave any personal items in the accommodation after you have moved out, except for kitchen inventories in good condition (no electrical appliances) and router/ethernet cable. For other items you want to get rid of when you move out, please see our Waste separation guidelines (348 Kb)



For any maintenance issues during office hours (weekdays 08:00-16:00), please make a maintenance request on your online accommodation account.

For emergency issues (risk for person or property) outside of office hours, please contact your property manager directly by calling the emergency phone number:

•    SSSB (Idun, Kungshamra, Kurland and Lappis): 08-458 10 11
•    Fjällis: 020-21 21 12
•    Kräftriket (Hovbeslag): 0101-30 85 02

Please note that if you call the emergency phone number and it is not an emergency or it is during office hours you will have to pay a fine.

All of our accommodations are furnished with basic furnishings such as bed and furniture for storage. Depending on type, size and area of the accommodation furnishings and inventories can vary. Please refer to the information sheet for your accommodation area for more information about what is included.

Kitchen supplies and bedding are not included in the accommodation. You may find some kitchen supplies that are left by a previous tenant, however this is not something that we can guarantee.

According to the contract regulations it is not permitted to bring your own furniture or electrical appliances. If you need to bring any special furniture that you may need, please email to consult if this could be permitted. 

No, pets are not allowed in any of our accommodation areas. 

Yes, there is a common laundry room free of charge at each accommodation area. Please refer to the information sheet for your accommodation area for more information about the common laundry room.



Unfortunately the Housing Office does not have the possibility to mediate private apartments. Instead, we refer to which is a website for housing ads that the university sponsors. 




Housing Office

If you could not find the answer to your question here, please send us an e-mail at

Your are also welcome to meet us during our visting hours every Tuesday and Thursday 13:00-14:00 at Servicecenter, Södra Huset.

Visiting hours are cancelled until further notice, due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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