"What is unique here, though, is the multicultural academic environment. I'm from Cyprus and in my class here there are people from Argentina, England, Wales, Sweden, Italy, Chile and other countries. You don't get that mix in many other places."

Fantastic programme and department

Constantinos is studying the new master's programme 'English, Transnational Creative Writing', where students develop advanced writing skills and examine the increasing field of transnational creativity, among many other things.
"I'm a year into the programme now and I absolutely love it. The Department of English is fantastic and I can't say enough good things about my tutors."

Workshops with authors

The fact that there are only about fifteen students on the programme ensures that everyone gets the attention and support that they need.
"We have a close working relationship that is honest and respectful. Sometimes we get to have workshops with amazing authors and they are often very encouraging."
Constantinos even goes as far as describing being a student on this programme as life-changing.
"I am on my way to fulfil my dream of becoming an author. This would never have been possible in Cyprus. It has been quite a journey for me and now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel."

Getting used to Swedish cuisine

He ended up in Stockholm because of his Swedish wife and was training to become a teacher when he decided to apply for the new master's programme. The English language was hardly a problem as Constantinos is partly of British descent.
At times he misses Cyprus and the lifestyle there.
"I chat a lot to my friends and family and I go back at least once a year. I am really enjoying the whole Stockholm experience, though, and I am even beginning to come around to Swedish cuisine with smörgåstårta and all that. It's a bit harder to get to know the Swedes than the Cypriots but once you break through the shell it's fine."