Anni Salo
Anni Salo

Looking for a place to study, she chose Stockholm University because “I wanted to concentrate on my studies and SU has a really high quality teaching and variety of courses. In Finland it's mandatory to study Swedish in school so I also wanted to improve my Swedish skills.”

Similarities and differences

Although Anni is from a neighbouring country, she is still finding new experiences. When it comes to education, “Schooling is here quite the same as in Finland. We have the same kind of lectures and we also need to read a lot of literature. But, what's different here is seminars, and I really appreciate those. There we have a possibility to really discuss and learn about things taught during lectures. During seminars we have also a lot of group work and presentations, and presentation experience in a foreign language is always good!” 

 “Since I come from Finland, the culture is quite the same. The biggest difference for me is living in a bigger city. As a student, I need to keep track of how I spend my money. Everything is more expensive and you need to use public transport to move around. For example, I always need to plan when to do grocery shopping because the store is not just around the corner. But of course I enjoy living in a big city. There's so much to see and do! So many different events, exhibitions, possibilities... And at the moment the spring is far ahead compared to my home city, Tampere!”

Elegant and busy but still warm and friendly

Life in Stockholm for Anni has been a positive experience so far. “I really love the country and the city. People here are more open and friendly. Swedes listen and help really patiently when I try to practice my Swedish. It's so inspiring when people here dress really stylishly. Also the city of Stockholm has its own kind of vibe, elegant and busy but still warm and friendly.”

Just go for it!

Anni’s advice for students thinking about studying abroad, “Just go for it! If you think about it too much, you'll never do it. Forget all unnecessary stress and worries, everything's always going to be alright.” Looking forward, Anni feels her experience in Stockholm will benefit her both personally and professionally. “Nowadays it's really important to have international experience, connections and good English skills. When I think my future and career, I think that it's really important to have international experience. Also, an international mind-set is a way to differentiate yourself when applying for a job. In the future, I'm interested in working in Nordic countries so it's always good to have knowledge and contacts.  And of course, I will carry all these amazing memories and friendships with me for the rest of my life!"