Firouzeh Mitchell
Firouzeh Mitchell

She says, “I initially chose Scandinavia because I had never visited this part of the world before. I chose Sweden because I felt the culture most suited my personality and the weather was not too cold! I chose Stockholm University as it was ranked highly as a law school, and I wanted to live in a big city where there is lots to do.”

Interesting conversation

After moving to Stockholm in January, she has already found a few differences between life in Stockholm and her home university. Currently studying in the Department of Law, she says, “Being a student in Sweden is a lot more relaxed than in Glasgow. I feel that I can properly engage with a subject without just having to cram in information for an exam and then forget everything afterwards.” On the other hand however, she says, “The exams are very long!” Another difference she has noticed while being on exchange is, “Every day you are surrounded by new people or people that you are just getting to know. It makes conversation very interesting when you are learning new things everyday about different cultures.” Firouzeh is also involved in the international law students group and the Erasmus group who organise events for international students. 

Travel a lot!

For future exchange students, “I would say do it! It will be the best experience of your life. I was told when I was considering going abroad that even if a small part of you wants to go then you should! Also, travel a lot!” She has been taking advantage of her time in Scandinavia and says, “Sweden and Stockholm are beautiful! You can never get bored of Stockholm as there is so much to do and the buildings and gardens are amazing. I also travelled to Lapland and that was an amazing experience that I will never forget.” 

A completely new outlook on life

International experience is important both for personal and professional growth. Firouzeh says, “In terms of career prospects going abroad is meant to strengthen your chances of standing out and getting a job.” But also, “Personally, I think it improves a person’s character a lot. It takes a lot to move to a new country with unfamiliar people and a new language but if you manage it then I think a person’s confidence will grow a lot. It also gives you a completely new outlook on life. When you are surrounded by people from many different countries then you can’t help absorb some of their habits.”