Annisa wanted to find a university with the necessary expertise in her specialization and a family friendly place for her, her husband and daughter. In Stockholm she found all that. Sweden’s progressive thinking about sustainability and equality, its state of research on environmental issues, and Stockholm University’s historical figures inspired her.

Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography and Climate

By doing a two-year Master’s program in Atmospheric Sciences, Oceanography and Climate at Stockholm University she wants to learn how she can help her country develop. “I want to be a problem solver”, says Annisa and feels grateful for the scholarship she received from her government.

Personal relationship between students and teachers

Besides the academic system, the biggest difference to studying in Indonesia is the personal relationship between students and teachers. “Here in Sweden, students are more triggered to think critically and to express their own opinion”. At first, Annisa was worried of moving to a non-Muslim country, but she quickly met other Muslims and the university offers a room for prayer and contemplation. Even Halal food is easy to find. Halal köttbullar and kanelbulle are Annisa’s favorites.

Best parts of Stockholm

What Annisa likes best about Stockholm are the friendly, caring, and non-discriminating people, the fresh air, and how the punctuality of public transportation made her more disciplined. The cold winter was challenging at first, but she came prepared: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothes”.

Study abroad!

Annisa explains that to many Indonesians being a student abroad seems like an unrealizable dream, but she encourages them to go: “Don’t ever feel afraid, don’t hesitate to dream big. If you have good intentions for mankind and the world, there will always be a way.”

Text and photo: Franziska Frei