Maxim Milagin
Maxim Milagin

Maxim is now studying at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and in addition he is also taking a Swedish language course. 

People are organized, homes are clean, and people are punctual

Compared to his home country, the biggest differences are the climate, people, food and how everything is organized. There are also differences in how services are provided. “Banks in Sweden and other such organizations are open every day until 5 or 6pm where in Spain they are open every day from 10am-2pm, and they take a 'siesta' between 2pm-5pm.” There are also many cultural differences. For example, “On a weekday, after 8pm, Stockholm is quiet, there is no one on the streets. In Spain, everyone is outside and it's chaotic. People are organized, homes are clean, and people are punctual. In Spain everything is the opposite.”

Definitely worth going abroad

Maxim encourages students to consider studying abroad and says that “going abroad and meeting new people and learning a new language is worth it.” His international experience even helped him get an internship in "The Big Four". He believes the more international and diversified your CV, the better chances you have to impress recruiters. He also sees Stockholm in his future. He says, “Stockholm is a beautiful city with interesting people, and the night life is great. Hopefully I can find a job here in the future and live here. It is the perfect place to work, since salaries are good and balanced with PPP, the economy is stable, and it is a great place to "build" a family.”