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  • Student in Stockholm No other city in the world where I would rather study – international students in Stockholm Stockholm University students Alyssa and Andrei talk about being a student in Stockholm and why they think that it is the best student city!
  • Zimbabwean master's student studies Human Geography “It widens our way of thinking" Melody, a master’s student from Zimbabwe studying in the Human Geography department, came to Stockholm University to understand the relationship between development and the environment.
  • Three Political Science students talk about what it's like to live and study in Stockholm. "This is the country I want to live in" Three Political Science students talk about what it's like to live and study in Stockholm.
  • “I‘ve learnt so much” - Computer and Systems Sciences in Stockholm Three Master‘s students from the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences in Stockholm share their experience at Stockholm University and what they like most about their study programme.
  • What do I like best about Stockholm? Meet German Master’s student Greta Alina Kempe International student Greta from Germany fell in love with the city of Stockholm and is now doing her master at the Department of Neurochemistry at Stockholm University.
  • Meet Anuschka Tay Master student at the Department of Media Studies Film, Fashion and Media Studies – meet our students Meet Anuschka Tay and Muhammad Iqbal, both Master’s students at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University.
  • KarenAnn Blom After her Master's, KarenAnn secured a job as Research Assistant Having completed her Master’s in International and Comparative Education (MSc), Stockholm University’s Global Swede, KarenAnn, is now working as Project/Research Assistant at the Institute of International Education (IIE), at the Department of Education.
  • Photo: Master's student Constantinos Michael Ioannou in the library Photo: Niklas Björling Cypriot master's student Constantinos Michael Ioannou According to master's student Constantinos Michael Ioannou, Stockholm University offers an English education that is on a par with that of first language universities in the UK and the US.
  • Anna Fokina "Altogether – just amazing!" Meet three Master's students at the Department of Law – Anna Fokina (Ukraine), Nanxi Xie (China), and Fernando Sanchez (Mexico) – who talk about the highlights of their time studying law in Stockholm.
  • Saki Kobayashi Japanese student bridges boundaries in Cinema Studies Saki Kobayashi, a new international student at Stockholm University from Japan, has just started her master’s in Cinema Studies autumn 2016. She wants to write her thesis on the films of Ingmar Bergman under the supervision of a leader in the field while immersing herself in Swedish culture.
  • German master's student Katja Ballmann Photo: Niklas Björling "Don't be too shy to take the first step" Katja Ballmann from Germany decided to do a master in Media and Communication Studies at Stockholm University as she has always been a fan of Scandinavian culture. She has some advice for how to approach reserved Swedes.
  • Michelle Plett, Master’s student Canadian master’s student in Marketing Having worked with Swedes for some time while in London and hearing great things from friends who were studying at Stockholm University, there was only one place Michelle Plett wanted to do an MSc in Marketing.
  • Fridrik Solnes, Master’s student Icelandic master’s student in English Literature Stockholm University's English literature department comes highly recommended by all those that study there, not least of all Fridrik Solnes, who is doing a Master in English Literature.
  • Annisa Indonesian student Annisa - “There is no reason not to come to Sweden” Annisa from Bandung, Indonesia, went on a plane for the first time in her life and came to Stockholm to gain the knowledge that can help her country develop and to find a safe place for her and her family.
  • Maxim Milagin Maxim Milagin, exchange student from Spain Maxim Milagin, an exchange student from Spain, originally wanted to study somewhere outside of his home country in order to gain new experiences and connections, and previously spent three years studying in Sigtuna, a town just outside of Stockholm. He returned to Sweden this year because he says, “Those three years were so far the best years of my life."
  • Firouzeh Mitchell Firouzeh Mitchell, exchange student from Scotland Firouzeh Mitchell, from Glasgow, Scotland, decided to become an exchange student this year in order to travel to places that she would not have thought to visit and to meet people from different countries.
  • Benjamin Schwendinger Benjamin Schwendinger, exchange student from Austria Like many young people, Austrian student Benjamin Schwendinger wanted to travel and see the world. He also wondered how it would be to study his subject at another university. Benjamin was drawn to Sweden because “the high standard of education in the Scandinavian countries is well-known all over the world.”
  • Anni Salo Anni Salo, exchange student from Finland Anni Salo came to Stockholm in January this year to study Marketing at the Stockholm Business School. Originally a student from the University of Tampere in Finland, she decided to become an exchange student in order to “learn languages, see new places, gain knowledge about different cultures and make friends from all over the world.”
  • Shauna Mahajan, Master’s student Shauna Mahajan, Master’s student at Stockholm Resilience Centre When the opportunity arose for Shauna Mahajan to do a Master's at the Stockholm Resilience Centre – a joint initiative between Stockholm University, the Stockholm Environment Institute and the Beijer International Institute of Ecological Economics – it was an easy choice to make.

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Shauna Mahajan, Master’s student

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