Mats Wiklund
Mats Wiklund

‘My research is about using video games for learning. There are really good simulators that, used correctly, can be effective education tools. But if I only did research and never had contact with students I would go crazy. I like being a teacher. I think that it’s important that students are heard; their viewpoints are invaluable. Sometimes we use the “flipped classroom” technique where students read the material beforehand and class time is used for discussion.’

People are the focus

Despite what many people think, it’s not especially mathematics-heavy. People are central to everything we do. It’s kind of our “niche”. We also work closely with other departments like marketing and even with project leadership. There are many specialisations. You can learn everything from classic programming through game development to systems development.

Graduates are in demand in the job market

Career prospects are really good after graduation and it looks like this will continue. Many start working at an IT consulting business while others become programmers or do 3D graphics. Some are attracted to interesting, fulltime jobs during their education, but my advice is to complete your studies first. It shows that you can complete long, demanding projects and that you finish what you start.