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Places to study

On the University’s premises we constantly work to create more places to study. Places where students can sit and study focused, individually or in groups. But also places for relaxation, socializing or reflection. On the Frescati and Albano campuses there are a total of over 3,000 places to study.

NOTE! The opening hours vary for the premises where the study places are located. 

SU general opening hours 

Students studying
Photo: Viktor Gårdsäter 

Following places (desks for studying) are available during ordinary opening hours at campus Albano.

Albano house 1

  • floor 2, approximately 124 desks
  • floor 3, approximately 46 desks
  • floor 4, approximately 27 desks

Albano house 2

  • floor 2, approximately 400 desks
  • floor 3, approximately 200 desks
  • floor 4, approximately 70 desks

Albano house 4

  • floor 2, approximately 125 desks
  • floor 3, approximately 80 desks
  • floor 4, approximately 104 desks
  • Allhuset, floor 3, approximately 150 desks
  • Arrhenius, building A–C floor 5, approximately 50 desks
  • Arrhenius, room B234, approximately 16 desks
  • Fazer Food & Co Lantis restaurant, approximately 200 sitting places
  • Geovetenskapens hus, former Geobiblioteket (U225), approximately 75 desks
  • Stockholm University Library (Södra Huset, Frescati) approximately 1400 desks (divided into reading places in the library, group work places, quiet reading places and group rooms)
  • Studenthuset and Infocenter, 290 desks in the Alfa house (including part of the café) and 60 (semi-quiet) reading places in the Beta house
  • Södra huset, building F, floor 5, approximately 70 desks
  • Södra huset, outside Stockholm University Library, approximately 135 desks


The study desks are available during the opening hours. Please keep in mind that study desks located in the restaurant areas are primarily intended for lunch guests during lunch time (11.00-14.00).

At certain recurring or unplanned events, the places of study can be booked for other purposes. For example, the study benches in restaurant areas can be reserved for smorgasbord at Christmas time.

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