Registration must be done in person at one of the Swedish Tax Agency offices.

Please remember to bring the following documents:

  • Valid passport proving your citizenship (or national ID for EU/EEA citizens)
  • A Letter of Acceptance/Notification of Selection results as proof of admission to the university (showing lenght of studies). You can download the Notification on Selection results from your account on University Admissions.
  • A registration certificate (proof of enrolment). You can download the proof of enrolment from My Studies. (Only applies for EU/EEA citizens, including Swiss citizens).
  • Information regarding your (temporary) address in Sweden, including apartment number
  • Information regarding your residence permit: a UT card and decision (Only applies for non EU/EEA citizens, including Swiss citizens).

Report any changes

Students with a Swedish personal identity number have the legal duty to report changes of address within Sweden to the Swedish Tax Agency. Report your change of address in advance or no later than one week after you have moved. This can be easily done on the website using the Tax Agency's e-services. 

Report a change of address at the Swedish Tax Agency website 

When moving from Sweden

If you leave Sweden in order to live abroad for one year or more, you must notify the Swedish Tax Agency at least one week before departure. Should you cancel or postpone your departure, notify the Swedish Tax Agency no later than the previously stated date of departure. If you forget to submit the notification on time, send it as soon as possible.

In order to notify the Swedish Tax Agency that you are moving abroad, download the form:

Notification, Moving Abroad SKV 7665

Be sure to fill in as much information as possible, as it will ease the handling of your notification.

Read more on the Skatteverket website