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Students in Stockholm

Stockholm – a welcoming city for everyone!

The Swedish capital offers a diversity few other cities can compete with. Whether you’re looking for beautiful architecture, night clubs, museums, cultural events, outdoor sports, restaurants or trendy shopping, you’re likely to find it here.

Orientation week 2014. Photo: Eva Dalin

Student Unions at Stockholm University

The student unions are membership organizations. The most important assignment of a student union is to guarantee that students are able to influence their education.

Green on campus

Students and Stockholm University´s environmental work

If you are interested in Stockholm University´s environmental work, or want to know where to recycle, check the environmental website.

Conferment of Master's Degrees in Aula Magna. Photo: Eva Dalin

Academic words and what they mean

Dean, faculty, seminar; there are a lot of new terms that you will come across as a student at Stockholm University. Here we have compiled and explained some of the most common ones.

Newsletter for international students

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