When finding accommodation on your own, it is important to start well in advance. It has proved quite difficult to find student housing in Stockholm, especially in the beginning of the semester when the Swedish students are also looking for accommodation. On the web site you can get a short review of different student accommodation agencies in Stockholm and learn a bit about their supply.

Recommended websites

Below are websites with advertisements that we recommend. You may have to pay a small fee to be able to access the information.

More websites

Here are some other websites with advertisements. They are similar to Craig’s list so remember to be careful with making any money transfers before you’re sure you have the room and can trust the landlord.

Hostels couch surfing

The following website gives you a list of hostels and hotels in Stockholm: www.hostels.com/sweden. Staying at a hostel should only be considered a short term solution (since it is a pricy one) while trying to find long term accommodation.

If you prefer to stay in a private home you can try couch surfing: www.couchsurfing.org.

A few more tips when looking for housing: contact your embassy in Stockholm to see if they have any contacts or information to offer, or if you can place an advertisement with them. Check the notice boards at the University for notes on subletting of apartments and rooms. You can also check the newspapers for available accommodation. There are a number of second hand letting agencies in Stockholm. Most of them have in common that they charge quite a steep fee for access to their registers of available flats and most of these flats have high rents and are for short term rental only. Remember that finding private accommodation in Stockholm may be tedious and hard work but most students find somewhere to live after a while. It may also cost you some extra money for staying at a hostel/hotel until you find accommodation.