General resources for academic writing in English

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a comprehensive writing resource with guides to various features of academic writing, grammar, citation styles and writing for specific subject areas. This is a good one-stop shop for information on academic writing in English.


Strunk’s Elements of Style is a classic work on style in written English. While it does not specifically deal with academic style, it is nevertheless a valuable reference for academic writing. An older edition is freely available through the link below and newer editions are commonly available in libraries.


The Harvard College Writing Center has a range of useful resources on aspects of essay writing and essay structure, as well as guides to using sources and writing in different disciplines. Their website is especially useful for tips on how to approach the different components of academic essays and for guidance on the writing process.


Together with information on features of academic writing and a blog with writing tips, Uppsala University’s Scriptor website features a collection of commented student texts from a variety of disciplines and covering a range of assignment and thesis types. The collection of student texts is a great resource for students who want a better understanding of the English-language work they are expected to produce in Swedish academic contexts.


AWELU (Academic Writing in English at Lund University) is a guide to English-language academic writing for both students and professional researchers. This is another good Swedish resource for issues relating to grammar, referencing, the writing process and academic integrity.


Resources for specific topics

Academic style


Grammar and syntax


Paragraph structure


Conciseness and avoiding redundancy


Academic vocabulary