Crisis Support

Studenthälsans foto.

Health services for students in crisis

In situations of unexpected events or major changes, a need for help and support may occur. The Student Health Services offers consultations and counselling. General information about the Swedish healthcare system can be obtained.

Hjärtstartare. Photo: Mattias Wadsten

Defibrillators at Stockholm University

Stockholm University has over 50 defibrillators placed on the premises, which is the highest number among all universities, colleges and authorities in Sweden.

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Have you been subjected to harassment or bullying?

Contact the head of department, director of studies, or another member of staff at your department that you have confidence in. If you do not want to talk to anyone at the department, you may contact the University’s coordinator for equal treatment.

Anonymous incident reporting to police and university security

Stockholm University has a policy of zero tolerance for crime and is the first university in Sweden to introduce two different ways for students and employees to report safety issues: online or by telephone.


Section for Safety and Security

Phone: 08-16 22 16 eller 08-16 42 00

The campus is monitored around the clock by security guards:

Phone: 08-16 42 00 or 08-15 42 00

Medical advice around the clock

  • Medical consultation with nurse: Dial 1177
  • In emergency: Dial 112 (SOS Alarm)


Coordinator for equal treatment of students

Visiting address: Studenthuset, Universitetsvägen 2 B, next to Södra huset