Crisis Support


Siffran ett


Take the necessary steps to put yourself in safety and prevent further injury.

Siffran två


Call 112

and call for ambulance, police and fire brigade.

Siffran tre


Call Security Guard 08-16 22 16.

Anonymous incident reporting to police and university security

SAMIR is a reporting system for reporting crimes, incidents, occupational injury, occupational disease and environmental deviations. Answers to your notification will be sent to you by e-mail. You can also sign in and follow your case.

Hjärtstartare. Photo: Mattias Wadsten

Defibrillators at Stockholm University

Stockholm University has over 50 defibrillators placed on the premises, which is the highest number among all universities, colleges and authorities in Sweden.

In case of emergency

SOS Alarm: 112

Security and safety: 08-16 22 16

Security guards: 08-16 42 00 (08-15 42 00)


Office hours

Studenthälsan: 08-16 17 69,

Företagshälsovård:  08-676 82 00