The 'Andrum', open since October 2000, was converted from what previously had been a space for smokers with the help of Akademiska hus, the University's landlords, after the Student Union expressed a wish to create a space for reflection and prayer.

The central motif for the room is light. The specially-designed room is the creation of designers Fredrika Linder and Catarina von Matérn. "The wall of light is intended to give a feeling like looking out of a window – a view or opening towards the unknown. The bubbles I see as thought bubbles that symbolise the movement of free reflection, swirling towards the unknown", says Fredrika Linder who created the wall of light.

Catarina von Matérn designed the room's benches and the large red mat. Her intention is to use the circle, a symbol for eternity, and the intense red colour to reflect the power of religion and of love.

Location Södra huset, Frescati

The 'Andrum', room E 407 in Södra huset, is open for individuals or groups without the need or possibility to book during normal opening hours:

  • Monday - Thursday: 6.30-22.00
  • Friday: 6.30-20.00
  • Saturday - Sunday: 8.00-18.00

Please see closed "red" days and national public holidays.