Who is eligible for accommodation?

Only International exchange students or International Masters students who have received a scholarship via the Stockholm University Scholarship Scheme are eligible to apply for student accommodation.  All eligible students will receive an e-mail with information on how to apply for accommodation.  This email is sent in the middle of May for students beginning in the Autumn semester, and in the middle of October for students beginning in the Spring semester.

Accommodation for Spring semester 2018

All student accommodation have been booked for the Spring semester. All rental contracts for the Spring semester 2018 will begin on January 15, 2018 and end on June 8, 2018. Please note that we may get a few late cancellations so if you are looking for accommodation please e-mail us: housingoffice@su.se  Also note, we cannot provide accommodation for students with children or Swedish students. 

Accommodation for autumn semester 2018

Accommodation for the Autumn semester will not be booked until June 2018. International exchange students that have been accepted for the Autumn semester 2018 will receive an e-mail from the Housing Office on May 17 or May 18 with detailed instructions on how to apply for accommodation. This is the only way to apply for accommodation.

Note: There is no accommodation guarantee, and we cannot provide accommodation for all exchange students.  In addition, we cannot provide accommodation for students with children or students who are doing an internship.  Exchange students who have not received a accommodation offer must find housing on their own.

Accommodation Offers

If you have applied for accommodation before the deadline you will get an e-mail from the Housing Office stating whether you have received a accommodation offer or not.  This email will be sent before June 30 (for the Autumn semester) or before November 30 (for the Spring semester)

The accommodation offer will include information about the type of accommodation, the area, your first rent payment due date, key pick-up, a copy of the rental contract and so on. Read all information carefully before accepting your offer.

How to Accept an Offer

To accept your accommodation offer, first upload a copy of your passport or any other vaild identification card with a photo. Then, make the first payment according to the instructions you have received and upload a copy of the receipt of the payment. This first payment is non-refundable even if you later decide to decline the accommodation offer. 

International transactions can sometimes take up to ten days before the amount is registered on the recipient’s account. The Housing Office does not cover any bank fees so you must cover this cost yourself. If you do not make the payment on time, your accommodation booking will automatically be cancelled. 

How to Decline an Offer

If you do not want the accommodation offered, you may decline the offer.  However, you will only receive one offer for accommodation. If you choose to decline the offer, you will have to find accommodation on your own.  All accommodation is rented out on a semester basis.  There is no cancellation policy once the rental contract has begun.