Stockholm University provides a number of software licenses that you can use during your studies. A condition for access to the software is that you are registered in LADOK as an active student at Stockholm University.
The license to use the software are in most cases temporary, and after a while the software will stop working. If you are still registered as an active student at that time, you can renew the license.
Use the links in the list below to learn more about each program and how to access them.

If you are both student and employee (so-called double affiliation) there are some software applications which you can use as a student. Note that these software applications is only allowed to be installed, activated and used on your privately owned computer. The software application cannot be used in working- or scientific context. To access these, certain requirements must be met, and you must fill out, sign and submitting the Acceptance Form for double affiliation. You'll find this Acceptence Form here.

If you have any questions, please contact Helpdesk.


Program Category Information
ArcGIS Geographical information  
ArcGIS Pro Geographical
ChemOffice Pro Drawing and analysis  
Claro Digital Study Tool Includes e.g. TTS (text-to-speech) and mind mapping tool
Mathematica Mathematics  
MATLAB Mathematics  
Nvivo Qualitative data analysis (QDA) Not provided through Stockholm University. As a student you can buy Nvivo with discounted price, click here for more information.
Office365   MS Office Suite, Email via Outlook, 1 TB storage in OneDrive
SAS/JMP Statistics  
SolidEdge 2D/3D/CAD Contact Helpdesk for more information
SPSS Statistics  
Stata/SE Statistics  
StavaRex & SpellRight Spelling support for Swedish and English