The university-wide (central) agreements are additional to the departmental agreements. Most of the partner universities are located outside Europe, except for the networks North2North and Nordlys. There are no central Erasmus agreements.

The calls are published twice a year: in November/December for the upcoming academic year and March for the next spring semester.

University wide agreements

General eligibility requirements for the university-wide agreements

General eligibility requirements apply to students wishing to apply for nomination to exchange places through Stockholm University's university wide agreements. Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Registration of current studies documented at Stockholm University in LADOK. Ongoing approved leave from studies does not count as registration. Registration in LADOK will be controlled upon nomination.
  • Higher Education Credits. Minimum of 45 Higher Education Credits (HECs) from Stockholm University reported in LADOK on the last day of the application period. Credits transferred from other institutions are not taken into account.
  • Exchange studies. The planned exchange period shall be full time studies and credits shall be transferred to Stockholm University upon return.
  • Current nomination. Students that have already been nominated to exchanges studies through a bilateral university wide agreement or network are not eligible to apply.

Selection criteria for the university-wide agreements

  1. Complete application.
  2. Previous exchange studies. Students, who have not previously participated in any kind of exchange program at Stockholm University, are given priority.
  3. Study results. In case of competition with more applicants than available places the selection is made primarily by:

Number of Higher Education Credits at Stockholm University (however maximum 120 HECs) taken and registered at Stockholm University during (approximately) the period last five semesters documented in LADOK (exact dates will be presented in the call).. Transferred credits are not taken into account.

Applicants are divided into four categories:

  1.  120-101 HECs
  2.  100-81 HECs
  3.  80-61 HECs
  4.  60-45 HECs

Category 1 gives priority before category 2 and so on.

and secondly by:

Grade point average, i.e. grades from all finished courses at Stockholm University the last 5 semesters (exact dates will be presented in the call).

4. Personal Letter. Assessment is done by the aim of exchange studies, experience from for example engagement in organizations, work and/or language skills.