Supervisor at Stockholm University

The academic supervisor at Stockholm University has the same responsibility towards a Minor Field Studies-student as to any other student at the corresponding degree project at the department. The supervisor shall be well informed about field studies in general and the chosen methodology in particular.

Overall, the department shall have received assurance that there are no obstacles to carry out the study, for example due to problems of security in the host country.

An authorization from the host country to pursue the study is sometimes necessary.

Contact person in field

The contact person in field must be a different person than the academic supervisor in Sweden. The person does not necessarily need to be an academic person, but the main task is to support the student with practical arrangements and to be the link to the host country/organization. The student and the contact person shall beforehand decide how local expenses shall be handled, for example compensation for materials, local transport, etc.

Research permit

Some countries require research permit in order to do an MFS. In this case, the contact person will probably be able to help.