Erasmus+ enables Stockholm University to agree with other universities in Europe to send a certain number of students to each other. This means that students are exempt from any tuition fees at the host university. At Stockholm University, these exchange agreements are signed by the individual departments, which are also responsible for announcing exchange positions, nominating students and transferring credits. Therefore, contact your department if you have any questions about where you can go, what you can study and when to apply.

The basic requirements for participating in Erasmus+ and receiving a grant is that you:

  • are registered and active student at Stockholm University with the purpose of acquiring a degree;
  • have started at least your second year of full-time study at the university level and have completed a minimum of 60 credits before departure;
  • are going to study full-time abroad;
  • will be away for a minimum of 90 days (3 months) and a maximum of 360 days (12 months) per education cycle; 
  • have not been on an Erasmus exchange or placement in the same education cycle so that the total duration exceeds 12 months (360 days);
  • are able to transfer the credits from your exchange studies to Stockholm University;
  • will take a language test before and after your exchange;
  • will answer an electronic questionnaire after the exchange;
  • will not receive any other grants from the EU or the Swedish Council for Higher Education at the same time.

Please note that these are only the basic requirements for Erasmus+ and that the departments may have additional requirements relating to previous studies, etc. Please contact the exchange coordinator at your department to find out what opportunities are available to you! Contact details for the departments’ coordinators can be found here.

All students who go on an Erasmus+ exchange will receive a grant. Once you have been assigned a place through Erasmus+ by your department, you should fill in a grant form. More information and instructions for this can be found here. 

Eligible countries include the 28 EU countries, the EEA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, as well as Turkey and Macedonia.

You must take a mandatory language test before and after your exchange. There are also opportunities to take language courses online in some languages. More information about language tests and language courses can be found here.

Exchange students with disabilities can apply for additional grants and funding for various support measures through Erasmus+. For more information, contact Student Services via

As a student at Stockholm University, you have the opportunity to apply for Erasmus+ Traineeship to complete a work placement at a company or organisation in any of the countries that participate in Erasmus+.