Access to the resource rooms with an access card

It is possible to obtain an access card that gives you access to the resource rooms during your studies if you are studying at Stockholm University and have some form of long-term disability that makes it necessary for you to sit in a separate room and/or use a computer with special software. Contact the coordinator for special pedagogical support if you need an access card.

Collect your access card

You can collect the card yourself at the earliest four workdays after the coordinator placed the order. The card will be available to collect for 20 days. You can collect the card from Service Centre, Södra huset, house D, floor 4, next to Stockholm University Library. For opening hours, please visit: Service Centre.

Activate the card each semester

You have to reactivate your access card before each new semester. This must be done before both the autumn and the spring semester. To activate the card, send an e-mail to containing the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • User name (university account
  • Personal identity number (yymmdd-xxxx)
  • Card number (10 black digits on the back of the card)

NB! It must be stated in Ladok that you are registered on a course at the Stockholm University during the semester when the card is supposed to be active.

Misuse of card

In the case of access card misuse, through improper use of the rooms and the equipment within, the card may be revoked.


For more information on asthma and allergy considerations, please read the attached PDF document at the bottom of the page.

Book resource rooms via TimeEdit

The coordinator for special pedagogical support will provide you with booking links to TimeEdit, where you can book the resource rooms at Student Services. You can book a room for individual studies (no more than four hours per day) and for examinations.

Examinations take precedence

Please note that if the rooms have already been booked for other uses than examinations, examination bookings always take precedence. During certain periods, quite a few people use the rooms for examinations. This means that you should book a room as early as possible before an examination, and then promptly notify your department about the booking. If the rooms are fully booked, please refer to your department.

Equipment in the resource rooms at Student Services

All rooms are equipped with a computer, and you can print using the Printomat service. If you specifically want to know how the rooms are equipped and what software is available on the computers, you can click on the link below:

Equipment in the resource rooms

If something is broken

In case there is something wrong with the computer equipment, furniture or other fixtures, please contact In case of urgent computer failure, you may contact Jorge Moreno, tel: + 46 8-161713. 

Left items

Items left behind in the resource rooms should be brought to Fastighetsavdelningen Servicecenter, Universitetsvägen 14, Södra huset, next to Frescati library. Opening hours: Monday - Friday 8 am to 4 pm.

Location of the resource rooms at Student Services

The resource rooms are located in house Beta, Studenthuset, floor 1 and 2, Frescati, Universitetsvägen 2B. 

Map of Studenthuset

Map of Studenthuset, house Alfa and Beta

Log in and out of the computers

Log in

The computers are connected to your university account. This means that you log in to the computers in the resource rooms in the same way that you log in to other student computers on campus. 

Read more about university account

Log out

When you are done, simply log out. Do not turn off the computer.


You need to use your university card to print your work on a Printomat printer. Printomat printers can be found in two locations in Studenthuset:

  • 1 Printomat behind Infocenter, floor 2, house Alfa
  • 1 Printomat, floor 1, house Beta

order to print, you need to add money to the university card. You can do this via the internet.

More information about printing, scanning and copying.

Resource rooms at the University Library

The University Library also has two resource rooms for students with disabilities. You can read more about the accessibility aids that are available there on the library’s website. There you can book the resource rooms with your student account – however, not for examinations.
Stockholm University Library, disabilities.

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