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Examination services

Information applies for written seated exams taking place in the centrally-administered examination halls at Stockholm University. A written exam is one kind of several different kinds of examinations. You write the exam in a writing room (on paper or on a computer) as part of your course. If you do not pass your exam, it is possible to retake it – it is then called a re-examination.

Students at Stockholm University must read and understand the rules for writing exams: Regulations for written seated examination >>

We follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations for preventing the spread of Covid-19. For more information about adaptations/routines for exams in the centrally administered examination halls due to the current situation >>


Registration for examinations and re- examinations

Preregistration is mandatory and required when taking an exam/re-examination. If you do not register in advance you cannot participate. You must register in Ladok no later than eight days before the exam (link to login page: 

Register well in advance and make sure that you are officially registered. Contact your department if there are any problems with the registration. To take at the exam, you must be able to present a valid form of identification at the time of the exam. Information about room and seat assignments will be visible on either your own schedule or the course’s schedule ( no earlier than 5 days before the exam date – click on the schedule entry for the exam in the schedule and follow the link entitled "Exam placement” (Tentamensplacering).

Instruction video (in Swedish) - How to register for an exam in Ladok >>

Exams are written anonymously

When you register for an exam, you will be assigned an anonymization code and you must enter it on all of your submitted writing papers at the time of the exam. You must therefore NOT write your name and social security number.

Procedure for special pedagogical support

If you have a long-term disability, you can apply for support and accommodations for your study situation. Apply via the website:

To complete the application, you must enclose documentation proving a long-term disability. Once you have submitted your application, you will be contacted by a coordinator. After your conversation with the coordinator, you can get a certificate in Nais with recommended support actions. You can then contact your study advisor at your department and show your certificate. Before the exam, Examination Services receives information from the department about what support/accommodations you have been granted and places you in the appropriate location. 

Submit your application for support as soon as you are admitted to the university. Then your department will know about the appropriate accommodations from the beginning. Read more about: Studying with a disability >>

Process picture: What a student needs to do to gain access to a customized exam.
Process picture: What a student needs to do to gain access to a customized exam.

Examination of an old course

Contact the department if you wish to write an exam for a course that is no longer given, if you are not registered at the time of the course, or if you no longer have an active student account.

Cheating and unauthorized aids

Before the exam, you will receive information about what aids are allowed during the exam. Mobile phones or smartwatches are never permitted. Make sure that you do not have any unapproved personal belongings at your work area or in your pockets. The invigilators who supervise the exam are tasked with ensuring that all students write the exam under equal conditions. If they suspect cheating or discover unauthorized aids, they will write a report and the student and department will be informed.

More information about: Plagiarism and regulations for disciplinary matters >>

Delivery of written exams

Delivery of written exams takes place at each department. Remember your anonymization code when you collect your exam. You can see the results of the exam in Ladok.


Information about what room and seat assignments for your exam will be visible in either your own schedule, or the course’s schedule:

  1. On the schedule-row(s) for the exam, you will find a link under the column "Allocated seat (exam)". If you subscribe to your schedule, you will find the same link under the calendar event's description. Click on the link.  
  2. A new web page with the exam's details will open. To find out your allocated seat, enter your 12-digit Swedish ID number (YYYYMMDD–XXXX) in the box "Student id". Click then on the green button "See schedule".  

NOTE! Your assigned seat will be made visible at the earliest 5–2 days before the exam.


Due to the current situation (Covid-19), recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency apply. Please see/follow the application on site in the examination hall.

  • Follow the invigilator’s instructions.
  • Bags and outerwear must be placed at the designated place.
  • Place your ID document clearly visible on the table in front of you.
  • No student may leave the examination hall for the first 30 minutes.
  • Only one student at a time may visit the toilet. Before visiting the toilet, write your name and time on the intended list. After the toilet visit, enter the time on the list again.
  • Electronic equipment such as a mobile phone or smartwatch must be switched off and placed at the designated place.
  • The exam is conducted in silence – you are not allowed to talk, or otherwise communicate, with other students during the exam.
  • Before submitting the examination documents; remember to write the page number, anonymization code, and date on all papers.

Please do not hesitate to ask the invigilator if anything is unclear.

Good luck!

For more information about adaptations/routines for exams in the centrally administered examination halls due to the current situation >>


Do you have questions regarding exam scheduling, registration, etc.? 

Please contact the course or study administrator at your department. Contact departments and centres >>

Do you have questions regarding the coordination and logistics regarding the implementation of the exam?
Please contact us at Examination Services by e-mail:

Examination services coordinates examinations in the centrally-administered writing and teaching rooms at Stockholm University. The office receives requests from the departments, schedules exam times and locations, and manages the distribution of students that are registered for an exam and the placement of invigilators.

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