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Studying with an interpreter

Our aim is that deaf, hearing-impaired and deaf-blind students should be able to study on the same terms as hearing students.

Interpreters for every study situation

As a registered student you can get an interpreter for every situation that is related to your studies: lectures, seminars, group work, excursions, laboratory work, study visits and some study related student union activities. Our sign language interpreters interpret from spoken Swedish or English into Swedish sign language.

Speech-to-text reporters

Stockholm University also has two inhouse speech-to-text reporters. They interpret Swedish speech to Swedish text and English speech to English text.

Communicating your schedule

Once you have booked interpretation, please let the coordinators know as soon as you are aware of any change to your schedule, or if you won’t attend a previously planned study activity. If more activities are added to your schedule you also need to let the coordinators know as soon as possible.

Suggestions for improvement

You are always welcome to leave suggestions for how we can improve our services. Just talk to one of the interpreters or coordinators!

Other support measures

At Stockholm University students with disabilities can receive additional support such as additional examination time, remedial teaching and mentoring. The Academic Writing Service provides writing support to all students who write their course work, e.g. essays, reports, research papers, theses etc. in English. If you are studying at another college or university you can ask your coordinator for students with disabilities what available support there is.

Get help with taking notes

Many students find it difficult to take notes and watch the interpreter at the same time. It is therefore possible to have a fellow student take notes for you. Once a formal decision has been made, the student who agrees to transcribe the notes will be paid for this work.

Sign language interpretation


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