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Discover Stockholm and Sweden

To follow your passion. To be close to international career opportunities. To explore city and countryside. In Stockholm you can really get the best of both worlds.

As a student at Stockholm University you get the benefit of living in the Swedish capital. Here you can read about some of the possibilities that await you.


A unique and beautiful city

Stockholm offers everything you expect to find in a cosmopolitan city: beautiful architecture, trendy shopping, museums, theatres, night clubs, international food and a music scene that attracts stars nationwide and globally.

On top of that you are met by stunning waterfront views almost wherever you go, as the city is built on fourteen islands. Off the coast there is an archipelago consisting of another 30,000 islands, several of which can be reached with the public transport travel card.

Our campus is situated in a Royal National City Park, just minutes away from the city centre.

Stockholm by the water.
Photo: Ola Ericson/Imagebank Sweden


Exciting student life

Student life in Stockholm is broad and diverse. According to a recent survey*, Stockholm is the 13th most desirable student city in the world. The student union offers both educational activities and social events, while many museums, cinemas, gyms and other places offer student discounts. You can lead a fun and exciting student life while enjoying all the benefits of one of the world’s most beautiful capitals.

A student at a café in central Stockholm.
Photo: Niklas Björling


Safe and green

In addition to the frequent seascape views Stockholm is famous for its many green areas. In this city you are never more than 300 meters away from a park. Stockholm is also one of the safest cities in Europe, according to the Safest Cities for International Students 2018 Ranking.

The Swedes are generally very happy to receive international visitors and the majority speak English.

Students at Mariatorget in central Stockholm.
Photo: Niklas Björling


An open society

Sweden is leading in areas such as social welfare, equality, IT, sustainability and innovation. Known for being an open society, Sweden is ranked second in the world in the Social Progress Index.

In 2018 Sweden also topped the list of the world’s most reputable countries**.


A culture of innovation

If you are planning to launch an international career Stockholm and Sweden is a great place to start. As the country’s vibrant business hub, Stockholm constitutes an excellent example of Sweden’s well-known culture of innovation. Do IKEA, H&M, Volvo, Ericsson, Spotify and Skype ring a bell? They are all international brands originating from our country, as do famous artists like Swedish House Mafia, Robyn, First Aid Kit and Abba.

So, why hesitate? Come to Sweden to study. To gain experience and make memories for life. To challenge yourself.

Photo: Niklas Björling


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*The fifth edition of QS Best Student Cities, published in 2018

**Reputation Institute Global Reptrak 100 Report 2018

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