All the announcements will be broadcast live on and live streamed at Stockholm University in Studenthuset or the Frescati Library on the Frescati campus. Please see further details regarding time here: Live streaming of Nobel Prize announcements.

The event is a part of the Nobel Calling week at Stockholm University.

Nobel Calling Stockholm 7-16 oktober 2019
Foto: Nobel Prize Museum

Welcome! The event is open to all, no  preregistration needed. But please be in time to see the announcement.

Please take the opportunity to have a look at the Nobel Laureate Svante Arrhenius' work in our mini exhibition in the library which is ongoing throughout the Nobel Calling week. And don't miss the lunch lecture on Svante Arrhenius by Staffan Bergwik 11th of October at noon (in Swedish). 

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Nobel Calling at Stockholm University 7-14 October

Open lecture on Svante Arrhenius 11 October (in Swedish)

Live streaming of Nobel Prize announcements