The management group includes the director of the library, the heads of the various departments and two process managers. The management group meets every week and the minutes of all the meetings are documented.

Från vänster: Jenny Håkansson Hedberg, Tomas Wiksten, Eva Dahlbäck, Anders Söderbäck, Martin Wincent, Henrik Miettinen, Wilhelm Widmark och Ingela Tång.
The back row from the left: Tomas Wiksten, Anders Söderbäck and Wilhelm Widmark. Front row from the left: Jenny Håkansson Hedberg, Eva Dahlbäck, Martin Wincent, Henrik Miettinen and Ingela Tång.

Library Director

Wilhelm Widmark

telephone: 08-16 27 33
Head of library office

Eva Dahlbäck

telephone: 08-16 27 06
Process Manager

Martin Wincent

telephone: 08-16 16 28
Deputy Library Director
Head of Systems and Development

Henrik Miettinen

telephone: 08-16 49 67

Anders Söderbäck

telephone: 08-16 27 79
Head of Media

Mia Wahlberg (on parental leave)

telephone: 08-16 68 33
Human Resources
Library office

Tomas Wiksten

telephone: 08-16 27 21
Acting Head of Media

Ingela Tång

telephone: 08-674 7027 
Head of Customer Service

Jenny Håkansson Hedberg

telephone: 08-1207 6824

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