Biblioteket för socialt arbete entré

The integration of the collections of the Dept. of Social Work Library in the Frescati Library will commence in late spring this year and is expected to be completed during the summer. In the premises where the library is located today, there will be study places when the relocation is completed. However, due to the prevailing situation with the spread of the new coronavirus, the library is currently closed and it is uncertain when the premises can open again.

The decision to incorporate the library collections in Frescati was already made in 2017, and was planned to be implemented in the summer of 2021, when the Department of Social Work moves to new premises in Albano. The relocation of the collections will now take place one year earlier than planned as a result of economy measures at the university administration.

Regarding questions about the incorporation of the Dept. Of Social Work Library in Frescati, please contact Project Manager Tommy Westergren.