About F1000Prime

F1000Prime is an article recommendation service powered by a faculty of around 8,000 leading researchers in biology and medicine. These Faculty Members provide expert commentary and opinion on the most important articles published in thousands of journals worldwide.

Tools to help you identify, assess and interpret research relevant to your work:

  • Identify key papers in your research area.
  • Expert commentary on why the selected papers are important.
  • Star ratings and rankings show you how good Faculty Members think an article is.
  • Highlights papers in ancillary areas that may be useful to you.
  • Advanced saved searches and article alerts to highlight only relevant articles.


During the trial you can see which articles the Faculty have recommended. However, to get the most out of the service by tailoring the content to your specific interests, storing searches (including the new F1000 SmartSearches) and setting up literature alerts, you will need to register for a personal account (not the same as your university account).

Who are “The Faculty”?

The Faculty is composed leading experts in Biology and Medicine, nominated by their peers.


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