How to aply for a talking book account

The library has drop in for registering accounts for talking books.

It is also possible to book a telephone appointment to register a talking book account. Please contact us via e-mail for more information.

Opening hours drop in

Monday 10 am - 3 pm

Tuesday 10 pm - 3 pm

Ordering talking books

To order talking books that are mandatory on your reading list, but unavailable in Legimus, log in to My Library Account and fill in the form for Talking books. Please allow yourself plenty of time as new recordings can take up to two months to be completed.

Speech synthesis

You can with the help of the speech synthesis ClaroRead Plus read digital, scanned and photographed documents, for example articles and chapters in books.

Claro Read Plus is available for all students at Stockholm University through the university web page. ClaroRead Plus is installed on all public computers at Stockholm University. Download ClaroRead Plus here.

Documents that are scanned may be hard for ClaroRead to read. To make the documents readable you might have to use the function "Scan" in ClaroRead Plus. Read more about "Scan" and other functions in ClaroRead Plus here:

ClaroRead Plus (Windows)

ClaroRead Plus (Mac)

Contact information

Contact at the library to book an appointment or for general questions about talking books.

If you would like to share your thoughts about the library's accessibility services, please contact Jenny Håkansson Hedberg, email