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Our aim is to facilitate this for you by enabling you to do as much as possible yourself. You can borrow, queue and order books on your own.

You may queue for literature that’s on loan and place orders for literature in our repository in the library catalogue. Please note that you cannot reserve or order materials that are on the open-access bookshelves at the library. These books should be collected and borrowed in person at the library.

Material in the Repository

We process ordered books Monday through Friday. At Frescati Library, orders placed before 8 a.m. can be collected the same day. Orders placed after 8 a.m. are available the following day. We’ll send you an email when your order is available. We’ll also send you an email if we cannot find the items you ordered for some reason.

Some of our smaller library branches also have repositories. Please contact these branches if you wish to order something from their repositories.

You are the only person who can collect your orders.

  • Pre-ordered materials can be collected at the library. The Frescati Library’s shelves for ordered and reserved books are located on the ground floor.
  • The books are organised by number. 
  • Books are kept on the library’s shelves for ordered and reserved books for a maximum of three days.

If you have further questions about ordering items from the repository, please contact the library’s information desk.

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Returning Borrowed Books

You can return university library books to any of the university branch libraries, regardless of where you borrowed the book. As a borrower, you are required to keep track of the due date that applies to your book so that you can return your borrowed items on time, and avoid the fines for overdue books at 10 SEK per book, per day.

There is a book return chute just outside the main entrance of Frescati Library. It can be used when the library is closed, provided that the university buildings are open. There are book return chutes at some of the other library branches as well. Books left in the book return chute after the library has closed will be registered as returned the next day the library is open.

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