An extended collective license agreement, a provision of the Swedish Copyright Act, means that a user organization that uses copyrighted works can conclude an agreement with a collective rights management organisation that through extended legal effect includes the rights holders who are outside the organization. Individual rights holders have the right to opt-out by announcing that he or she does not wish to be covered by the agreement. Stockholm University issue remuneration under the Agreement to Bonuses Copyright Access, which distributes the remuneration.

The agreement is effective from 1 January 2017 and will be geographically limited to visits from computers with a Swedish IP address. All dissertations will be published successively through the University’s DiVA portal, starting in spring 2017.

For the dissertation author who does not want to see his or her dissertation made available on the web, the author has the right to communicate that to either Stockholm University Library or Bonus Access Copyright and the dissertation will be unpublished from the web.

For dissertations presented at Stockholm University from 2004 onwards, the university has obtained the consent of the individual authors and the dissertations are already available online via the University DiVA portal for all interested to read.

Bonus Copyright Access is a Swedish non-profit collective rights management organisation in the area of literature, press, images and notes, which negotiates contracts on behalf of its member organizations and licenses the rights collectively. The agreements provide schools, businesses, governments and organizations the right to copy and share copyrighted material, to different extents.