How to nail your dissertation before your defence

Please find downloadable instructions for how to register your thesis here:

Instructions on DiVA registration of monograph (2206 Kb)

Instructions on DiVA registration of comprehensive summary (2661 Kb)


1. Log into DiVA

Log into DiVA’s registration form with your university account.

2. Sign the Signature Page of your Dissertation

If you have written a thesis, you should register the work in DiVA. This also applies to unpublished manuscripts. Search in Stockholm University's DiVA to see if your articles already are registered.

3. Enter your Abstract

An abstract can contain a maximum of 3500 characters including spaces. If you want a longer abstract you can put it in your dissertation. Keywords have a maximum of 250 characters including spaces. Separate the keywords with commas.

4. Publish Open Access Dissertations

In keeping with the vice-chancellor’s directive, a dissertation is to be published open access, and the entire text (same version as the printed thesis) should be uploaded in DiVA (please see page 22 in the PDF "Regler för utbildning och examination på forskarnivå", text in Swedish).

If you have written a comprehensive thesis, only the "kappa" (or comprehensive summary) should be published.

After you've ordered the final print the Dissertation support will upload the final version of your file.

5. About the Nailing Page

In conjunction with the registration of a dissertation, two nailing pages are created.

A nailing page must be printed and bound in the printed version of the thesis. You’ll receive the nailing page as a PDF file from the library after your registration details have been checked. You won't have access to the post in DiVA after you've submitted the registration. If you want to change anything at the nailing page you can send an email to and we'll help you.

The second nailing page is electronically published in DiVA two working days before your nailing day.

6. Completing the Submission of Dissertation

According to the library, once you have registered your dissertation in DiVA and received your nailing page, the official nailing is complete, and nothing else is needed before the defence of your dissertation.

Two working days before your nailing day, your dissertation becomes searchable and the information in it is passed on to LIBRIS. Contact your department to find out if there is anything further you need to do in relation to nailing days.

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