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Deadlines Pre-Printing

30 business days prior to your nailing day

You are welcome to contact the library (avhandlingssupport.sub@su.se) to get detailed information about how to print your doctoral dissertation. We will inform you about the timeline for the printing process, the production tool, the insert file, the nailing page, and the imagery and the cover.

15 business days prior to your nailing day

Send your thesis for the test print to US-AB through the university's production tool. We recommend that you are in Stockholm during the printing process so you can pick up your test prints from the printing office. 

8 business days prior to your nailing day

Approve and order the final print. The printer needs 6 business days to print and deliver your dissertation, so it will be delivered two days before your nailing day.

Time-line for the printing process of a doctoral thesis


Timeline dissertation support (29 Kb)  (larger file version for download/print)

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Covers and Inserts

The cover of your dissertation is to be produced from the university's cover template. You fill in the information and upload an image on the front and a text on the back cover, if you want that, in the university's production tool. The cover image should be in high resolution, at least 300 dpi, and preferably in a TIFF format. Do not forget to check that you have the right to use the image on your cover.

If you want to use any of the university's graphic elements you can find examples of these on the page Grafisk manual (the page is in Swedish). In the production tool you can find them under Layout on the Front tab.

If you need help with the layout, to typeset your text in InDesign, translation or proofreading, the university has tendered these services (site in Swedish).

Comprehensive Theses and Monographs

If you are printing a comprehensive thesis, the nailing page, the thesis, and the papers should be uploaded in the university's production tool. The files will automatically be in the correct format. If you have problems saving your files to PDF, we at Dissertation support (avhandlingssupport.sub@su.se) can help you.

For a monograph, you upload the nailing page and the dissertation file in the university's production tool. The files will automatically be in the correct format. If you have problems saving your file to PDF, we at Dissertation support (avhandlingssupport.sub@su.se) can help you.

When we at the Dissertation Support have approved of your file, you can order the test print through the production tool. Universitetsservice US-AB prints a test print in 24 hours. In the timeline above there is time for in total three test prints. If you want to do more than that, you have to send your files to the printer earlier.

Each time you change anything in the production tool you must request our approval again and order a new test print. Universitetsservice US-AB will print the final print from approved test print files.

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Printing Costs

The first test print is free of charge, thereafter it will cost 175 SEK per test print. Every time you change something in the files, a new test print will be ordered. When the test print turns out as you want it the final print will be printed from the same files.

A black and white page costs 0.17 SEK and a page in colour costs 0.90 SEK. Cover and binding costs 14 SEK per copy. The delivery to your department costs 125 SEK. If you want the copies to be delivered to another address the costs might increase.

You may decide together with your supervisor and department how many copies of your dissertation you want to print. The copies are delivered to your department (unless you have made an agreement with the printer about another delivery address).

In addition to your copies, you will be charged for three copies for the university library, one copy to the Vice-Chancellor, and one copy to your faculty (if you are working within the The Faculty of Humanities, it receives two copies). US-AB will send these copies directly to the Library, to the Vice-Chancellor, and to the faculty. You will be charged for the delivery costs of in total 250 SEK.

The printing company is obliged to deliver a copy to the National Library of Sweden and to six other university libraries in Sweden. You don't have to send any copies yourself since the printing house manages this separately. But seven copies of the numbers printed will be used for this.

US-AB was publicly procured for the production of Stockholm University dissertations

All published works by Stockholm University have to be printed by a procured printer within the university’s framework contract. Since January 2017, Universitetsservice US-AB is the first choice procured for printing the doctoral theses. 

This film shows how dissertations are printed at Universitetsservice US-AB. The whole printing process, from the first test print to the delivery of the dissertation, takes 15 work days.



You can find more information about procured printing companies here (text in Swedish. Search for "doktorsavhandlingar").

Each department is responsible for the layout and printing of licentiate theses.

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