In the case of compilation theses, we will only publish the summary. In the case of reports and written articles, you are often required to submit a copy for scanning.

In order for the university library to publish your work in DiVA, you, the author, must sign a legal agreement. After ordering a scan, we will send the relevant contract to you for you to sign. The agreement should then be sent back to the library in the enclosed envelope. You can read the text of the agreement below. Contact if you would like to know more.

Contracts for publication of works in electronic form

§1. The purpose and scope

This agreement grants the Library the right to make the author’s work available to the public in electronic form via one of the selected library publishing platforms. This right is non-exclusive, which means that the author may grant the same right to another, however, without the ability to waive the library’s rights.

§2 Definitions

Electronic form means all current and future electronic formats.

Availability in this context means that the work will be made available through digital transmission, be it wired or wireless, by, for example, downloading the file or by streaming.

§3 Author obligations

The author is to ensure that all the rights attached to the work, which is not the author's own, such as cover art, photographs, maps, and so forth, can be published in electronic format as per the terms of the agreement statutes. If the author does not honour the terms of the aforementioned agreement, the library retains the right to demand immediate rectification and/ or terminate the agreement and immediately terminate the digital publication of the work. Should the author wish to terminate the contract, this should be addressed in writing

§4 Library obligations

The library is obligated to publish the agreed work on the library’s selected publishing platform within two (2) months of the date the work is received by the library in approved publication format. Agency reached the library provided in publishable form. If the library fails to fulfil this obligation, the author of the work has the right to cancel the contract.

§5 Compensation

Since the distribution of works does not generate a surplus for the library, no fees are provided to the authors.

§ 6 Period of Agreement

This agreement is valid until further notice.

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