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Open Science Lecture Series

Watch all the library's lectures in our series on Open Science where we've invited various stakeholders to illustrate the work within Open Science from different perspectives.

Stefan Wiens

“Science that is not open and transparent is not science”

Professor Stefan Wiens at the department of Psychology emphasizes the importance of research being transparent, and argues for preregistration as a powerful method to improve quality and transparency of research.

Photo of Ilona Koupil, professor at the Department of Public Health Sciences, Stockholm University

Ilona Koupil about the need for open science

Professor Ilona Koupil at the Department of Public Health Sciences shares her view of open science and how it can be used to bring the research forward.

Lars Arvestad. Foto: Privat.

More researchers need to get involved in Open Science

Shared data makes it so that several people can use the same data – and spot mistakes. It benefits everyone and changes the dynamic of research, but more researchers need to get involved in order to change the norms in the research world, says Lars Arvestad, senior lecturer at the Department of Mathematics.

Foto på Gustav Nilsonne - Foto: Adam af Ekenstam

Gustav Nilsonne on the changes which Need to Take Place within Research Politics in Sweden

Above all it means a change in culture within the research community. We researchers need to become better at valuing open science in grant applications and in appointments to academic posts.


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