How to ask for permission for using material from someone else

A common question to the library is how and if it is possible to reuse material from other publications in their article or book. The short answer is ‘Yes’, you can generally reuse selected parts of other works, such as figures or tables, in a scientific context as long as you include an apparent reference to the original. However, it is often a good idea to double-check if you need to ask for permission from the original publisher. 

Suppose you want to ask for permission it is important that you send your request well ahead of time and provide sufficient information about your publication to the copyright holder. There is a Permission request template letter (261 Kb)  that you can when asking for permission to reuse material. It is an editable document that you can alter before sending your request.

Signing a contract with a publisher

For those of you who are about to sign a contract with a publisher, please find below some advice about things that might be good to consider before signing the agreement. The contract should, for example, protect your rights to reuse your material for teaching and public sharing. 

If you aim to publish an article in a journal, it is common for you to receive a standard contract from the publisher. For many journal publishers, there are national agreements available for managing Open Access publishing rights and fees. Read more about the deals available to you as an employee at Stockholm University here.

Book publishing is not as standardised and requires you as an author to consider a lot of parameters before signing a contract with your publisher. Each contract must be designed to protect your rights and at the same time, allows you to use the material for teaching and sharing with colleagues. Checklist Publishing Agreements (312 Kb) , but you can also contact the team of publishing experts at the Library for further advice