The following three journals are included:

It is the publishing date of the journal issue, not the article, which determines if the publication is free of charge. The publishing date must be 2020. Articles accepted for publication in a 2020 volume published during 2021 are included as well.

How do I proceed as a corresponding author?

When submitting a manuscript to one of the included AIP journals, you will be given the choice to publish open access free of charge. To be eligible you must:

  • Be the corresponding author, affiliated with Stockholm University
  • Confirm that your organization (i. e. Stockholm University) subscribes to the journal
  • User your SU email address

If you need help verifying that you are entitled to publish open access free of charge, please contact the library at

About the agreement

The agreement is a pilot agreement during 2020. In addition to APCs for the three journals listed, access to conference reports and all 17 journals published by AIP are included.

Read more about centrally funded and discounted APCs at SU